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WA Paid Sick Leave

Notice, verification, and discipline issues

The question of discipline

The most challenging provisions of the law for employers—and the most beneficial protections for employees—are the sections of the statute and the regulations that govern how employers may regulate absences involving the use of sick leave.

Regarding notice

  • An employer may require employees to give reasonable notice of an absence from work, so long as such notice does not interfere with an employee’s lawful use of paid sick leave.

  • When the leave is not foreseeable, the employee must provide notice as soon as practicable.

  • For absences exceeding three days, an employer may require verification as long as a reasonable time is allowed to provide the verification and it does not place an “unreasonable burden or expense” on the employee. However, the employer must have this policy in writing in advance, made available to all employees.

Coverage and attendance policies

  • Under the sick leave law, an employer cannot require the employee to find coverage.

  • An employer may not adopt or enforce any policy that counts the use of paid sick leave as an absence that may lead to or result in discipline.

Protect your right to sick leave.

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